And here it is .... I brought the cabinet second hand from EBay back in August 2014 ( not from the original vendor) It was partially started they had installed some LED strip lights, and glued in some of the supplied plastic decorative fill pieces (see pics 1&2).
I have since made new plastics and mounted 4 Mini LED bubble tubes behind them ( pics 3 to 7). I have painted the highlights & surrounds antique gold (pics 8 & 9)... Now for the Interior, The touch screen is ready to mount & the MDF for the speakers is cut to size. Speakers have been temporarily fitted to complete wiring.
Silver amp fitted but don't work yet! Speaker grill & cloth fitted. (see below)

Oh Blast it!  I blew up the silver amp (above), must be a capacitor or something......

I brought some active speakers off EBAY.  When they were delivered I found that they were 800 watts and the speakers were too big for the cabinet. But they will come in handy for parties, Oh Yeah!

I Brought a new AMP from EBAY not as good but will do (for now)  & re-used the speakers from the the blown amp system. (see below) Anyway, I had to manufacture a new face plate to mount the controls on the side. Decided on brass, but it's really expensive in sheet form, so I found a door push plate from DIY store which is Ideal thickness & perfect width. (see picture of the drilled item) I found a printer paper that you can print your own Lithographs on, (Lettresett)  Which I scaled & printed, then water transferred on the the brass plate & then used a cellulose lacquer car spray to seal it. The name was important as I wanted something different from what it was called. So WURLOZZA JUKEBOX it is, a tribute to the Wurlitzer Jukeboxes (I still want one) & a play on my name.


 Finally it's running Lights, Music, the lot. Now to fine tune it. 


 I used an old DELL OPTIPLEX 355 PC base unit, this used to run for 1 hour or so, then just turn off. After reloading software several times, removing & cleaning memory & heat sinks it still shut down. I scoured the internet for information even down to working out which capacitors could be at fault & getting a cost. I even dug out my old,old base unit got it up & running but it's so old I couldn't get all the drivers for the sound card. I was about to give up, when there was a little item buried deep in the internet, on these Dell Optiplex some of them were fitted with a faulty DVD drive, So I unplugged the drive & would you believe it, that PC has been running for up to 14 hours a day without a hitch. Apparently Dell know of the problem but do not want it widely known.

BELOW IS WHAT I SAID 2012 (The Dream)

Well  years have passed and I'm ready. I know what I want to build it's just how do I do it?  I'm no master craft man with wood (metal? I could easily, but not very nice to touch) I don't have a very good range of wood working tools, or even a workshop/garage, hence every thing gets made in spring/summer in the garden. BUT.....

1: It's gonna be dome topped ( Wurlitzer style)

2: Rope lights maybe instead of bubble tubes.

3: It will have a Touch Screen.

4: It will have numbered illuminated buttons

5: it will have direction arrows left/right scroll buttons 

6: The amp & karaoke controls will be on the front.

7: It will have a scroll work grill.

8: Maybe a Veneered finish on sides.

9: It may incorporate a  12" crackle plate.

10: It may have and external feed to a big screen for Karaoke nights.

Not much, but maybe more than I can do?

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