Well the box arrived looking the worst for wear. £25 off Ebay, just to stop me stressing over the cutting of MDF.

Buttons & joysticks  trial fitted.

Layout for original 15" monitor marked out.

New 20" Screen Fitted (I Hope It's Worth It)

Side Buttons for pinball

(future pinball or visual pinball) 

Pair of stereo desktop PC speakers stripped

to basics and installed. 

Garrish button layout, this will change soon! 

Front view of speaker installation 

New monitor surround as the 20" monitor

lasted for 10 minutes, 15" re - installed

1st trial run, with rubbish buttons,

MAME up and running breakout selection screen 

This is the final build of my mini MAME arcade


Side art finished off

The final front here!  New arcade buttons installed... Whats left to do?

1. Side art , not had any ideas yet, might let our friendly tattoo artist loose on them.

2. Better video card....

3. More memory.

4. Bigger monitor....

5. Get pinball working.

6. Better light behind marque.

7. Build a stand alone cabinet.


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