This is the ELVIS PRESLEY jukebox. A small table top version that only has Elvis on it. I drew up the Cad drawing &  got all the parts cut and I put it together. He supplied all the Elvis Cd's to copy across. 

Numeric Key Pad with numbers from top to bottom. Running Quick Sheller, showing Elvis pictures on start up,  SKJUKEBOX running the music interface & Windows XP operating system in background,

Painted in Red & Black (He's a Manchester Utd Football Fan (soccer))

This was trouble to build, all my fault of course, I built the box & glued it together. Then I tried to fit the PC board and screen.... Far to tight! I had to strip the screen & mother board down to basics, Chiseled parts of the frame away to get it all in, I modified & modified. Now It's sitting in pride of place in his home, he is a BIG Elvis fan.   

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